Research/Evaluation Proposal Requirements

Research/Evaluation Proposal Requirements

Information on Studies Involving Sensitive Material

Typically, surveys of a sensitive nature would require active parental consent (whether connected to a student ID or not). Your consent form must:

  • Indicate that the information obtained is for research purposes only and will not be shared with the school district;
  • Be clear about what data you (as the researcher) will be collecting and what you will/will not do with the information;
  • Indicate whether the information collected will be “identifiable” (i.e., whether the student data will be connected to the student’s name/ID). If the information is connected to a student, the researcher must let parents and students know that the researcher will intervene if there is a need based on responses.

Your data collection instruments must:

  • Indicate that the research is not being done by MPS and no one from the school will know the answers;
  • Provide information about who students can talk to about issues raised in the study;
  • Indicate, for instruments connected to a student, that if the student indicates he/she is ‘in trouble/at risk,’ someone will follow up with them.