Research/Evaluation Proposal Requirements

Research/Evaluation Proposal Requirements

Information on Video-recording

Researchers must make a reasonable case for how videotaping is important to the research.  Any research that will use videotaping must obtain ACTIVE parental consent.  Parents must be informed:

  • That they have the option of saying “yes” or “no” to their child being in the videotape; and
  • That the videotaping will be structured so that students who do not have consent can remain in the room during instruction but be assured that they will not be in the videotape (describe the process for how you will do this).

The consent form must also include the following information:

  • The purpose of the videotaping
  • How the videotape will be used (e.g., to verify agreement between observers and/or to be used to present at conferences)
  • How long the videotape will be kept / used
  • When / how the videotape will be destroyed
  • Who will have access to the videotape

NOTE:  District media releases are for District purposes only and cannot be used as a substitute for the researcher obtaining his/her own release.