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Conducting Research/Evaluations in Minneapolis Public Schools
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Conducting Research/Evaluations in the Minneapolis Public Schools
Conducting Research/Evaluations in the Minneapolis Public Schools

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It is the policy of the Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) to cooperate in sound research programs that fit with district criteria. Research/evaluation requests generally come into the District from University professors conducting scholarly research or researchers awarded internal or external grants. The first responsibility of the district is the teaching and learning that occurs in its classrooms, so any research must occur with that obligation in mind. The procedures for conducting research in MPS outlined below are intended both to protect that primary responsibility and to give reasonable access to individuals, institutions and organizations to conduct approved research projects.

Research conducted within the MPS is governed by MPS Policy 1730 (Academic Research) and Regulation 1730A (Responsibility, Definitions and Procedures for Research Approval), which you will find under Policy/Regulation No. V; Relations Between Other Governmental Agencies & Schools (in Adobe format). The Research, Evaluation, Assessment and Accountability (REAA) Department oversees the process in conjunction with the District General Counsel’s Office. All requests to conduct research, whether from a Minneapolis Public Schools employee or from anyone outside the District, are to be referred to the REAA Department. 

To submit a research/evaluation proposal application:
·         Read through the "Instructions and Forms" information.
·         Complete the requirements outlined in the Proposal Requirements section.
·         Submit the $150.00 processing fee (payable to Minneapolis Public Schools; cash is   
          not accepted) plus 2 copies of the required documents to:

       MPS Research Review Committee
       Minneapolis Public Schools
       REAA Department
       1250 West Broadway
       Minneapolis, MN  55411-2533

​Proposals may also be submitted electronically to: MPSresearch@mpls.k12.mn.us. Checks can be mailed separately.

·    The term "Research" applies to both research and evaluation proposals throughout. Research/evaluation proposals for the 2017-18 school year will be accepted beginning July 1, 2017.

·    If you plan to conduct research/evaluation in the 2016-2017 school year we recommend you submit your proposal before December 1, 2017.

·    Application/Processing fee:  $150.00.

·    Requests to make changes to an already-approved study (e.g. review of additional instruments or changes to consent procedures, etc.) must be made to the MPS Research Review Committee and be accompanied by a $75.00 addendum fee. Changes to already-approved proposals (addenda) will be accepted for no more than 5 years from original approval date. After that, a new proposal must be submitted. Please refer to the original application study number when re-submitting the new application.

·    Data request fees apply. Rates are $85/hour for internal staff and $175/hour for outside researchers/evaluators.


  • Due to the volume of proposals received, proposals for Master’s degrees will no longer be accepted. If you are pursuing a Master’s degree, you should work with your institution to develop a Master’s thesis that does not require approval from Minneapolis Public Schools. Under unique circumstances, the District will consider well-designed Master's thesis proposals from MPS Staff Members ONLY (up to 5 per school year). If you are an MPS employee who would like to conduct research for a Master's degree in the district, you must submit an appeal to the Chief of Accountabity, Innovation and Research.  See "Appeals Process" for more information about the appeals process.