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Process for Master's Students
In This Section

MPS encourages employees to seek higher degrees. To this end, we ask employees who are working towards Master’s degrees that require a publishable paper to contact REAA for advice during the planning stages to support research that meets both district and staff goals.

REAA will work with MPS employees*, as possible, to develop rigorous studies that support district goals while allowing staff to complete their degrees. After talking with REAA, Master’s students may be asked to submit a preliminary proposal as a First Step in the process.

Master’s Proposal First Step

1. Title of the Study

2. Purpose of the research, including a description of its value to the Minneapolis Public Schools.

      a.  Description of the study, which must include the following:

  • Hypotheses or specific research questions to be addressed
  • Specifics of the sample – who, when, how many, which site(s), etc.
  • Description of the tasks students or staff members will be asked to complete
  • Data collection methodologies you will use to answer your research questions

      b. Description of your proposed data analysis plan – the methodology you will use to analyze the data and the way in which this will address the original hypotheses or research questions.

3. Complete the Table below

Research/Evaluation Question(s)

Data Collection Instrument(s)

Sampling and Data Collection Methodologies

Time Demand on Research Subjects

Proposed Analyses












4. Send your completed document as an email attachment to mpsresearch@mpls.k12.mn.us.

*Occasionally students who are interning or working as part of a grant in MPS schools will be allowed to complete research for their Master’s. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.