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Data, Evaluation, and Research Requests
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Data, Evaluation & Research Requests

Data, Evaluation & Research Requests

Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) partners with universities, foundations, research institutions, the State of Minnesota, and the U.S. Department of Education, to discover practices in education that advance student achievement. Data, evaluation and research requests, however, are secondary to our goal of educating our students, and is a privilege reserved for proposals that:

  1. Support the ambitious Acceleration 2020 plan, with an emphasis on literacy, social-emotional learning, and student engagement
  2. Avoid duplication of effort, and
  3. Do not interfere with instruction or the efficient operation of MPS or its schools.

The process for requesting data, performing research or evaluations at MPS is intended both to protect that primary responsibility and to give reasonable access to individuals, institutions, and organizations to conduct approved evaluation and research projects.

Please consider the following when requesting to collect data, or conduct research or evaluation at MPS. 

- In order to protect the fidelity of district SEL implementation, MPS is currently not approving any research or program evaluations focusing on social-emotional learning.  In 2016, MPS partnered with CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning) to pilot a SEL program and evaluation at several MPS sites.  Our SEL cohort sites expand each year, with full implementation by 2021. Aggregate SEL student data can be found here: http://insights.mpls.k12.mn.us/SchoolBoardPortal/survey.html#

- Due to recent changes in department funding, the REAA team has reduced capacity for External Research, Evaluation, and Data Requests. The hourly fee for data requests (as of of August 1, 2018) is $250 per hour.  Any already approved Research, Evaluation, and Data Requests will remain the same rate as when they were approved.