Graduation Assessment Requirements
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Requirements Based on Enrollment into 8 Grade

Requirements Based on Enrollment into 8 Grade
Graduation Assessments Requirements:
As of Graduation Year 2017, students first enrolled in grade 8 in 2012–2013 and later (likely grade 12 students and younger in school year 2016–2017). Based on the revisions to Minnesota Statutes120B.30 and 120B.125​, districts have a number of requirements to fulfill for students’ career and college planning; however, students are not required to achieve a specified score on an assessment in order to graduate or meet graduation assessment requirements. 
Students that were first enrolled in grade 8 in 2011–2012 and earlier (likely students older than grade 12 in school year 2016–2017) must meet graduation assessment requirements in reading, mathematics, and writing in order to be eligible for a diploma from a Minnesota public high school.
Please visit the Minnesota Department of Education​​ (School Support/Minnesota Tests) website.