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Sharing Results
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Sharing Results

Sharing Results

The researcher must provide the MPS Research Review Committee, district co-sponsor, and principals who were involved in the study with a report of final results no more than three months after completion of the study. For studies lasting more than a year, researchers must submit an interim/progress report no more than two months after the end of each year of the study. Report due dates must be specified in the Application. Progress reports should be 3-5 five pages. Failure to submit an interim report places the project at risk for continuation. Failure to submit a final report jeopardizes approval of future proposals.

Publications emanating from studies in the schools should acknowledge the contribution of MPS unless requests to the contrary are made, or unless the identification of the system would jeopardize future research efforts or school programs.

MPS is committed to working with researchers to share and utilize research to support district goals. To that end, the district is in the process of developing new practices to support that occurring.  We are exploring various options to expand partnerships between MPS and researchers to enhance opportunities for conducting research that is beneficial to all.